Chef Bruno and Maud

Your Private Chef Jaco offers private breakfasts, brunches, lunches and dinners made from the freshest ingredients with the formula that best suits your needs.

Experience creative, high-quality meals cooked in the convenience of your home, vacation home, or event location.

Your personal private chef will do the shopping, cooking and clean-up. Relax while enjoying the food and time spent with family and friends.

We also offer vacuum sealed meals that are ready to eat in minutes, and “throw on the grill” items like burgers and chicken.

Delicious vegetarian and vegan options are available.

Your Private Chef Jaco. A customized and creative catering service for your events, parties and celebrations of any size.

Catering Service in Costa Rica
It is a pleasure to assist you, we hope that Our Costa Rica Catering Service meets your expectations. We strive to provide an excellent service to our customers from the quality of the ingredients and preparations to provide the best service for your events.

Hiring quality catering services is not a task that should be left to chance, as this could lead to mild to terrible consequences for your activity. If you want your event to be memorable, be it a family, sentimental, personal or business activity, the best thing to do is entrust this task to the experts of Catering Service Costa Rica Provide by Chef Bruno and Maud with years of experience and amazing portfolio of happy clients.

There are several factors that must be taken into account in order to carry out an enduring event in the memory of the participants. Among the main factors to consider are the following:

Make a choice of the menu according to your tastes and that of the guests, if it is a family activity as much as possible avoid leaving the choice completely to your family and friends, also avoid using companies that are not professionals in the branch or staff dedicated to the meal service informally, another factor to consider is to plan the presentation according to the location of the event and schedule it according to the time available for your activity. Here are the details.

Make a menu choice with professionals

It is very frequent that one or more offers of the informal catering services of acquaintances of your friends or relatives arise. Many times these services offer a lot of competition in terms of prices compared to formal or regulated services. However, there are many causes of these businesses that can end up causing an unpleasant domino effect, thus damaging many fundamental parts of a special event.

Activity planning according to location

It is essential to know the place where the event will take place, whether the chef or person in charge reviews the place where the meeting will take place if it is considered necessary, since many times it will be necessary to consider what will be the distribution of the tables and lights to locate bar services for food and drinks, as well as many other details according to the shape of the room. Once again, hiring the catering services in Costa Rica will help you by having options proposals so that this can be done with excellence.

Time programming

This is very important, because if it is not taken into account, the activities that are planned can be delayed, or the guests could be expected to wait too much. Time must be scheduled for each item, from serving the entrances and snacks to picking up the dishes and utensils.

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