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Playa Hermosa Jaco Catering Service

Playa Hermosa Catering Service

We went to Hermosa palms to provide a catering dinner for a group of ladies on a surf trip. Vegetarian menu for this night..: greek salad, Thai peanut hummus, guacamole, zucchini Italian style carpaccio, salad, provencal gnocchis with veggies & parmesan cheese and for the perfect ending a passion fruit panna cotta. Playa Hermosa is one of the most popular and consistent surf spots in the country. Hermosa is also great for its very long walks on the beach all the way to the Tulin River and its protected natural reserve, bird and whale watching.

Playa Hermosa Catering Service

About Playa Hermosa
It is located in the province of Puntarenas, in the canton of Garabito.

It has an extension of 10 km, it is of dark sands. Its main attraction is its natural condition without development, the annual spawning of sea turtles and the special high waves for surfing, the beach is intended for sun, beach, sea, hiking, and surfing.

Hermosa is one of the most visited sites in the country by the beaches. It became one of the favorite places for dozens of surfers who flew over the stability and quality of the waves. Very close to Jaco in the district of Garabito, this beach offers an unlimited source of alternatives to learn to surf and rent surfboards. Beautiful has gray sand and is barely stony. Beautiful is also ideal for sunbathing or just relaxing.

What to do in Playa In Hermosa?  there is a wide variety of hotel offers. from cottages to rental houses and even to inns. You will also find many restaurants, different tour options, stands for surfboard rentals and mini supermarkets.

State of the road: the road is in very good condition and largely asphalt. You should not have trouble driving a car in Hermosa.